The Good News!

man in hazmat clothing ironing his T-shirt to show coronavirus humor
Photo by cottonbro on Like my OCD friend Clifford: for some of us, life hasn’t changed much…

“It is well known that humor, more than anything else in the human make-up, can afford an aloofness and an ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a few seconds.” – Viktor E. Frankel, Man’s Search For Meaning

Ok. What good news? Everything is about the Coronavirus – and it’s just bad, bad, bad…isn’t it?

Actually, no! Read on to see what’s good

But first, I assure you that, as mentioned in a previous post (Feeling Fear-Less), I take this situation very seriously. Getting sick is not enjoyable, and dying is not a light-hearted subject. However, a positive attitude and a sense of humor may not only boost immunity, but also, make living far more enjoyable.

History abounds with stories of survivors and thrivers who’ve used humor to elevate not only their own spirits but the spirits of those around them. From cancer survivors binge-watching comedies to concentration camp interns finding the laughable in the bizarre.

Personally, I’ve chatted with Malaysian and Korean veterans who remarked particularly on the humor of Australian soldiers fighting beside them in wartime. They commented that the self-effacing, politically incorrect, irreverent humor of the Aussies gave them daily belly-laughs and helped them get through very tough times.

And then there’s the Serbian man I spoke with about his experience during the Croatian War of Independence. He described how people got so fed up with being huddled in fear while listening to bombs hitting neighboring houses, that they rounded up candles, organized a makeshift theater, and people performed, sang songs, and laughed…

Going through a war in your head? Let’s find the upside of the economic and social downturn!

The Good in the “Bad”

  • You’re stuck at home workingHey! You’re working! Saving gas and commute time, having less carbon impact on the environment…Also, for women (mainly), we’re saving so much on cosmetics, dry cleaning, and laundry detergent for work clothes! Even if you do Zoom or Skype for meetings – you really only need to wear a top – so you’re also saving at least 1/2 your laundry detergent!
  • You’re stuck with family 24/7Perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and do some of the things you’re always wanted to do with them but never had time because you were commuting/stuck in traffic…And if they’re driving you nuts, it’s a great excuse to have a little extra vino. Sante!
  • No hairdresser – You get to see your natural beauty, learn to love your natural self more, and save money! And if you have grays or dark roots growing back, now’s your chance to have fun with hats. Bonus: Your partner sees your new look (change keeps it fresh) and things get spicy again…She can be Rapunzel, and he can be Prince Valiant…
  • No mani-pedi – You get to save money, let your nails breathe and get healthy (mine have become pinker!). Seriously though, I’ve never seen my nails so healthy! (Tip: Rub coconut or olive oil into them daily after a shower or bath.) Plus, no nail polish, polish remover, resins, etc. = fewer toxins absorbed into my body through my skin and nails!
  • Long lines at grocery stores – I’m actually using up what’s in my cupboards and refrigerator before going back to a store, so I’m saving money, getting creative with what I have, and there’s less waste…Who knew there was a jar of Kashmiri Curry behind the peanut butter and tins of tuna!. Also, having cupboards that have less in them means less clutter. From the perspectives of Feng Shui and Zen, this is really good for positive energy flow! Here’s a funny guide to decluttering.
  • No gym – Getting out in fresh air, nature (beaches, hikes, etc.), and sunshine for walks is one of the greatest things you can do to boost health and immunity. Plus, many people are losing weight just from doing this alone! In fact, I see whole families pounding the pavement now and changing shape! (Note: All shapes are beautiful – like a fruit salad we are apples, pears, bananas, durian etc. – but some shapes and fruits, are healthier for our hearts!)
  • Less income – Less spending! “A penny saved is a penny earned”, it is a wise adage. So it all equals out. In a way.
  • Less shopping – Being forcefully weaned of shopping addiction is so good for so many people (ahem)…Go through your closet and repair, recycle, and rediscover old faithfuls. And Cinderella – those designer shoes that you wore 10 years ago but no longer fit your feet…donate them now! Guys, when a shirt has a perma-ring of dirt on the collar, or is fraying at the edges, or clings to your body like a shrunken wetsuit – it’s just gotta go…
  • Can’t.Travel. Anywhere. – Ok, internet surfers and couch vegetables, your time has come! Take virtual tours of exotic locales and find exciting activities to do as a family, without stepping out of your home! Check it! Going to “virtual” France? Warm up some croissants for your couch trip! Going to Italy? Mac ‘n Cheese qualifies as a pasta dish! Going to Australia? Barbecue ANYTHING!

What have you noticed or think is funny right now? Go ahead and share your humor in the comments section – we can always do with more laughs!!

Take care, and best wishes for the health of you and your loved ones…Keep rocking!



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